Rain Ponchos Inside Ball

There’s  Rain Ponchos Inside…

Balldex are twist-open sports-ball capsules that enclose full-size ponchos, offering compact clip-on storage, full-size protection, and re-usable convenience. Balldex & PonchoWheels are designed specifically for unexpected inclement weather – this clever and practical item belongs in glove compartments, purses, backpacks, etc.!


Great Souvenir, Gift, Or Corporate Give-Away:

Poncho Balls offer a novel new souvenir and gift idea for spectators and fans – it also creates a great promotional tool for corporate sponsors. It’s also an easy fundraiser idea for schools and sports teams alike! For outdoor events, including games, races and tournaments, ponchos are a “must”!  Poncho Balls represent a novel new souvenir & promotional idea and an entirely new category of rain wear designed specifically for the needs of spectators and others caught unexpectedly in inclement weather.


Unique Patented Packaging Approach Creates Appeal: The unique patented concept of packaging rain gear into a sports-icon capsule is fun and exciting, making it a great gift or souvenir idea that every fan will want to take home. So Balldex will find their way into a variety of practical places for those unexpected rain showers, e.g., the glove compartment, the kid’s school backpack, the purse, the briefcase, the office desk, the suitcase, etc. This practicality and versatility makes Balldex a great item even on bright, sunny days!


Significant Impulse Opportunities: And retailers can look for impulse purchases on inclement days – the PonchoBall offers a new category of protection designed for the practical needs of the spectator caught in inclement weather: compact clip-on storage, full-size protection, and re-usable convenience. Plus, after the poncho is discarded, the high-quality sports-icon capsule offers a clever, permanent souvenir for use around the home or at the office.

Perfect For The Home & Office, Parks, Travel, Games & Outings: Poncho Balls are fun, yet practical, making them “necessities” that are perfect for the home, office, school sporting events, theme parks, vacations, games and other outdoor activities.

High-Impact Promotional Visibility . . . All Year Long: And for corporate sponsors, Poncho Balls create a novel and practical method to “hang” its promotional message in front of countless customers, every day of the year. And when it rains, the custom-poncho projects, and the corporate “billboards” will come out, generating vibrant brand visibility in a variety of outdoor locations, perhaps with TV or other media pickup!

Eight Models To Choose From . . . With More To Come

Balldex & PonchoWheels are currently available in a total of eight models with others to come:

One-Size-Fits-All Adult Ponchos – And, Yes, They Do Fit Back Into The Ball!

Balldex’ ponchos are lightweight in design which allows them to fit into the capsule. Our standard adult poncho are 1-mil thick and measure 48″ wide x 36″ tall with a hood. These lightweight ponchos are sturdy enough to be used multiple times if the user desires – alternatively, the ponchos are lightweight enough that discarding them after one use is appropriate if it is more convenient, particularly since the user will still have the permanent ball or wheel capsule. Ponchos are easily re-inserted into the capsule provided all of the air is squeezed out – Re-Insertion Instructions demonstrate this simple technique.

“Billboard” Imprinting: Most, if not all, large-volume-producing poncho manufacturers imprint in what is called a “repeat” pattern on the ponchos, with a single, smaller logo repeated across the ponchos  multiple times. With the media pick-up potential at major outdoor events, and our clients’ desires to promote various products, we have pushed the imprint size to the limits to maximize the PR value of the poncho. Balldex’ ponchos offer unique “billboard” size logo imprinting – we have done logos up to 18” wide and have covered nearly all of the imprintable area on our ponchos with multiple logos.

Custom Promotional Packaging Options When In-A-Ball Ponchos Are Not Required: Since we think like a creative agency, we have driven our operation to offer custom packaging for ponchos that does not conform to standard industry offerings. We have done custom-imprinted cards, coupons, brochures, etc. that can be inserted along with the ponchos in its custom polybag. We have also done custom printed labels for the exterior of the poncho’s polybag which are much more attractive than standard offerings which typically imprint only the logo on the polybag.

Complete Collateral Support & Assembly: For other collateral items, such as printed promotional support materials or self-mailers for Balldex, we offer complete assembly of any premium item, such as Balldex, with collateral materials which allows door-step delivery at your warehouse . . . ready for turn-around shipping to your event sites, application of mailing labels, etc. . . . without costly labor for domestic assembly/fulfillment.

Direct Manufacturing: We are the manufacturer – so you are dealing direct on your project, not through a third-party agent.

Imprinting Creates Promotional Impact For Sponsored Projects

Balldex & PonchoWheels can be easily customized for sponsored programs. Typically, custom logos are imprinted only on the capsule, with the blank white poncho inside. For large-volume projects, the ponchos can be completely customized as well. Please email us for details on imprinting.

Unsurpassed Quality Via Unique QA Sampling Program

You won’t find better ponchos than those in Balldex! That’s because we take quality-assessment samples from every production-lot of ponchos that we manufacture. If the samples do not meet our quality standards for defined production parameters, we reject the entire production-lot. This quality sampling method is unique in our industry and contributes to poncho quality that is unsurpassed. The seams are stronger than the material and, on custom-imprinted projects, the poncho imprinting is as good as you’ll find. We are so proud of our quality that we ask prospective customers to do a side-by-side comparison of our quality with alternatives. On the printing with custom-imprint projects, there is no comparison – we win hands down.

Likewise, Balldex capsules are designed to last a lifetime. Capsules are made from virtually indestructible ABS plastic. Capsules are tested in quality assurance laboratories to ensure they retain their locking integrity. Capsules are designed to withstand 1,000 open-and-closing cycles and still retain the same locking “click” that you feel the first time you tighten the capsule halves together. The decoration of the balls and wheels are also routinely assessed for quality – take a look at the seams and laces on the Football Model for how precisely they are painted! Each model is designed to emulate the real ball.


Balldex’ quality is even evident when the capsules are opened, revealing ponchos that are neatly packed into the capsule. The identical folding method is used on every PonchoBall and PonchoWheel to give it this high-quality look even inside the capsule!

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